Get your favorite tracks with Amazon Prime Music

Find the right music to soothe your mind with Amazon Prime Music. Subscribing music can bring you the entire music repository right in front of you. When you get home from the long hectic schedule, sit back and relax with the Amazon prime music unlimited on Roku. music music

Amazon Prime Music and Amazon music unlimited

You might get confused between Amazon Prime Music and Amazon music unlimited, as they are quite similar names. At some comparison points, both the music streamers have a similar interface with lyrics to sing through your favorite track.

Both the music services are with prime, giving you the free access to all language tracks. Prime members can get hold of Amazon music unlimited at $9.9 with one-month free trial having more 10 million songs.

Whereas, Prime Music is free for Prime members, unlike Amazon music unlimited is chargeable at $7.99 even if you have a prime subscription. Enjoy  you favorite music on music

Similarities on both music services of music

  • Ad-free
  • On-demand tracks
  • Offline playback

Difference between Amazon prime music unlimited and Amazon Music Prime

With all the similarities, both the app has their contradiction on song additions. Amazon Music Prime has 2 million songs while the unlimited package has 10 million tracks under its collar. Amazon Music channel has one-month free trial available for all Amazon prime music subscribers to listen your favorite music on music

For months, the Amazon Music App was not updated and had bug crashes complaints from user’s side. Taking points in concern, Amazon has made bugless app with featured points on the upgraded version.

All about Amazon prime music app

With the addition of, Vevo and iHeart Radio, you are now open to million songs from all over the world. Through Roku can get hold of all the tracks with a subscription to Music Unlimited at $7.99 if you are a prime member. Pay extra few dollars at $9.99 if you are not in prime to get hold of the expansive track record of Amazon Music Unlimited.

Specs of Amazon prime music app

  • You get to learn your favorite lyrics as the song plays on the back ground just like karaoke.
  • You will have personalized music preferences according to your search history and track playlist.
  • Not to mention, with Amazon prime music app you can get the top playlists, albums, and stations from all regions. It all lies on the language preference you select upon.
  • With Amazon prime music app, get notified when a new album is added to the repository
  • Moreover, you will not have any ad-interference in-between your favorite playlists
  • Play from where you left off with the recently played tracks under ‘Recents‘ Category.

Highlights of the Amazon Prime Music Roku

Some of the top artists on Amazon Prime Music trends

  • Clair De Lune Sheet Music
  • Rick Ross Aston Martin Music
  • Woodstock Music Festival
  • Sleep Meditation Music

Subscribing Amazon prime music on Roku | music

Though a prime subscription is enough to stream all your favorites, you have to give in one of the Amazon credentials to stream Amazon prime music roku. Go through Music category and spot Amazon prime music from the Channel Store.

  • When you give Add Channel on Amazon prime music, give in your account credentials to sync your Roku with Amazon Music.
  • An Amazon prime music activation code is shown on your display when you furnish the details on the login panel.

Correspondingly, the Amazon prime music app upgrades to a revised version with all the added features.

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