Roku Screen Mirroring

There is a very easy way to view all your media stored on your phone (or even computer for that matter) such as photos, music and videos on your TV. Roku Screen Mirroring is supported by all new generation Roku devices including the streaming stick, Roku 3 and the 2015 Roku model. Mirror the content from your Android or Windows smartphone or even PC to the TV through the streaming player.

Setting up on the Roku player

  • Check and enable the Roku Screen Mirroring function on your Roku player
  • On the left side of the screen, in the navigation bar, look for ‘Settings’
  • When you select it, you will be able to see the ‘Roku Screen Mirroring’ option

Roku Screen Mirroring

Configuring and Roku Screen Mirroring from the Android

  • Android devices with versions 4.4.2 or newer are capable of Roku Screen Mirroring
  • On the device, go to the ‘Settings’ option followed by the ‘About’ option
  • Remember to connect both the Roku and the Android devices on a similar network
  • Check for the network you are connected to from the ‘Settings’ menu and then the ‘Network’ section of the Roku
  • On a stock Android device, you can start your Roku Screen Mirroring by going to
  • Settings -> Display -> Cast Screen
  • Here, look for the ‘Menu’ button the top of the screen and click on it
  • Under it, click the check box against ‘Enable Wireless Display
  • If you check the ‘Cast Screen’ section, your Roku player’s name will be visible

When it doesn’t show up

  • If you cannot see your player’s name, just reopen the ‘Cast Screen’ from under the ‘Settings’ tab
  • You will invariably see the Roku’s name appear; just check the box against its name and it will appear on the screen
  • Tapping on the icon by itself will connect you to the mirroring section
  • The TV will display exactly what you see on the mobile device

Different devices different methods

  • If you are using a device other than the Roku such as other Android manufacturers or an HTC, LG or Samsung, then the mirroring method might vary.
  • ‘Display’ sub-setting / ‘Settings’ menu (For Android phones 4.4.2 or newer)
  • Sometimes, the projection is similar to Chrome cast in the Android apps such as YouTube, HBO Go and Netflix
  • The ‘Cast’ icon is located on the top right on these apps from where you just have to select your Roku player

Windows devices version 8.1

  • Windows 8.1 tablets and computers are compatible with Roku Screen Mirroring feature
  • Set it up on this device through Settings -> PC and Devices -> Devices and finally, click on ‘Add Device’
  • Check the drop down menu and you will see Roku there; just tap to connect

Smartphone using Windows

  • Some examples of Windows Phones are the Nokia Lumia 1520 and HTC One M8 Windows Phone edition.
  • Such devices have something called Miracast.
  • This is also a Roku’s standard methodology to initiate the screen sharing service.
  • Click on Settings -> Scroll to ‘Project My Screen’ -> Choose your Roku -> Start Screen Sharing

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