Easy steps to activate your Roku link account

Gain access to popular apps and channels through a Roku connection. Connect the player to the TV and your wireless network to get a collection of free and subscribed movies and TV shows. Learn how to activate your Roku link account from our website gorokuwireless.com.

Roku Link account

Connecting to the TV

  • Plug an end of the cable into the HDMI port on your TV and the other end to a port on the Roku player
  • Using an Ethernet cable, connect the Roku player to your in-home WiFi router, if applicable; this is for Roku players that allow a wired internet
  • Open the back of the Roku remote and insert the batteries

Wi-Fi connection

  • Connect the HDMI input when you turn your TV on
  • Now, put the player on and you will see the main screen
  • Here, select ‘Settings’ first, then ‘Network
  • Thereafter, select ‘Wireless’ and then click on ‘Setup new Wi-Fi connection

WiFi Setup on the Roku device

  • From the displayed list, choose your wireless connection name
  • Enter your password at the empty field
  • If your setup is successful, three green checkmarks will appear

Common Errors on your Roku Link account

  • While activating your Roku Code Link from TV, you could face some common errors. The most frequent ones are:
  • Error message when you enter the code
  • The device is stuck when you type the link code
  • You face the Roku error 001
  • The code is not displayed on the screen

Resolving the activation issue

To activate the Roku player with the help of a code, visit the manufacturer’s home page and enter it into the empty space provided.  Type the code again if there is an error in the first time because it could be a typing mistake. If you are still facing the issue, then check your network.

If the issue remains unresolved then

  • Click on ‘Help’ on the Roku device and then press ‘Get a new code’. A fresh code is generated
  • Return back to Roku’s home page and enter the new code as seen on the TV
  • The activation process takes some time to complete

Stuck on the code linking screen

Complete all the steps as per the guide to activate your device. When you see the error 001, it means that there is a connectivity issue. A ‘not connected’ message is also displayed on the TV screen when this occurs. At this time do the following:

  • Press Homepage screen 5 times -> Fast Forward button 3 times -> Rewind button 2 times and then click on ‘Ok’
  • This will update the software to the latest version
  • You must ensure that your device is connected to the wireless for the software update

We invite your inquiries and clarifications at +1-866-991-0490 or go through the Roku link account activation instructions at go.roku/wireless.

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