How to get Roku Activation Code?

Before letting you know about the Roku Activation Code, here’s a question. Do you know what activation codes are and what are they used for?

A little bit about Roku activation code

Activation codes are set when you sign up for a new service or even when you have to change your password on a device. This is mostly used to secure your personal information. Click on a particular URL link to confirm the information or service that you wish to subscribe for. Most often this assuages online security and ensures that spamming, identity theft, and information stealing is prevented. Some activation codes are meant to protect the software that is installed. Which means, copies of the software cannot be sold or distributed. Each code is unique and once it is entered no one gets to duplicate the information.


Get a Roku activation code

  • To get a Roku activation code, you must set up the device first. This example here, is the setup for the Roku Express. The activation process more or less remains the same for most of the devices except for a few attributed differences.
  • There is also a QUICK START GUIDE that comes along with your player for reference.
  • In case of any doubts, you can always retrace your steps and check if you are indeed doing the right thing.
  • Use an HDMI connection to connect the Roku Express device
  • Accompanying the player is the high-speed HDMI cable; use this to connect the device to the TV
  • An adhesive strip is provided along with the Roku Express to attach it to your entertainment center
  • This is primarily due to the diminutive size of the device

Attaching the device to power and other sections

  • First plug the device in with the HDMI cable to the TV
  • Thereafter, power it up and select the correct input from the TV screen
  • If you have followed the steps correctly, the Roku logo will appear
  • Now, sync your remote with the device
  • A green light is visualized on the Roku player indicating that it is connected properly

Guided setup of the hardware

  • Once you see the logo, the screen will automatically switch to provide you with the GUIDED SETUP INSTRUCTIONS
  • Choose a language from the text dialog box and press OK on the Roku’s remote
  • This ensures that all texts and captions are displayed in your preferred language
  • Now, connect the Roku device to the internet
  • From the list of wireless networks in your area, select yours
  • If you are unable to see your specific choice, then click on SCAN AGAIN TO SEE ALL NETWORKS
  • Enter the password and the Roku should also, in the background, download the latest software after connection

The Roku Activation Code

  • An activation code for Roku appears after you have set the DISPLAY TYPE
  • Generally, Roku detects the best display resolution
  • Even then if you wish to change it, visit SETTINGS and then click on DISPLAY TYPE
  • To activate your device, you must create an account on Roku
  • There are no Roku activation fees charged for making an account
  • Finally, a Roku activation code is displayed along with instructions to activate your device on

Screen updates happen automatically after this step. But if you are having issues, call our experts for guidance +1-866-991-0490.