Get on-demand access to past as well as current seasons of HBO’s original series such as The Newsroom, Deadwood, Sonic Highways, etc. through a participating TV provider on HBO GO Roku activate channel. You can also watch some great blockbuster movies and documentaries. And if you are not a subscriber then get a sneak peek into the previews and videos available on the channel to see what they have to offer.

HBO GO Roku Activate

While HBO GO is compatible with all streaming platforms, users prefer using the Roku for their day-to-day entertainment. This is because Roku supports the largest number of channels available in the world. Complete HBO GO Roku activate to start watching some of your favorite movies and TV Shows. Improve your video playback on your Roku device. But before that make sure that you activate the channel.

HBO GO Roku Activate

  • Look for HBO GO on Roku’s Channel Store
  • Download it and click on the channel icon to open it
  • Select either ‘Activate Your Device’ or ‘Sign in’, whichever you see to get the activation code
  • Now, stay on this page, because you have to refer to this later
  • You have to enter the code on your PC, next
  • Open a browser on your computer and go to HBO GO’s activation page
  • Select your device as ‘Roku’ and click on ‘Continue’
  • From the list, select your TV provider
  • Now, go back to your TV and jot down the activation code
  • On your PC, enter the code in the space provided and select ‘Activate Device’
  • A ‘Success’ message appears on both your TV and your computer
  • Go to to know the activation steps in detail.

Video playbacks

At times, video playbacks do not seem efficient on your device. There are only two real reasons for this – there is either an issue with the network device or there is a problem with the HBO GO activation.

More often, when the video keeps buffering, it could mean that the speed of the network is poor or there are multiple devices connected to a single wireless network, all at the same time. Check your home network to troubleshoot this issue.

Improve performance

You can improve the performance of the network and experience supreme video quality.

  • Check the speed of the internet: Visit the Speed Test link online and verify if the internet is running at its prescribed speed
  • Power cycle the devices: Power cycle all the devices that are connected to the network. For this, turn off both the Roku player and the router. Wait for a few minutes before you turn them all on again
  • If you are using the app: First, uninstall and then reinstall the app to play the content
  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect to the internet: The speed is divided among other connected devices when you are on the wireless. In such a case, use the Ethernet cable to connect. Go to ‘Settings’ and then click on ‘Network’ and from here select ‘Wired network’.

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