If you have a brand new Roku device, then you must first set it up to perform the Crackle com activate on Roku.

Set up the Roku device

Select the language of your choice after connecting the player to the TV through the HDMI. And then pair the remote by inserting the accompanied batteries. After the Roku Enhanced Remote Pairing operation, follow prompts to connect the device to the internet. There are basically three steps here:

  • Connect to the Internet
  • Get the latest software (executed by the device automatically)
  • Activate your Roku player

If you face any problems during this setup process. And we have just the right tips on how to resolve Roku setup problems.

Crackle com activate on Roku


Internet connection

Depending upon whether you are using a wireless Wi-Fi or a wired Ethernet, make your choice on the Connect to the Internet screen

Software update

  • With this process, Roku also downloads the latest software required for the device
  • When the software update completes successfully, then it starts updating channels;

Activating Roku

Once the player setup is complete, you will see the Congratulations! Screen and a message will ask you to click on the Let’s Start Streaming message

Performing the Crackle com Activate on Roku

  • Now the main menu loads from where you can navigate down to the Channel Store using your remote control
  • After you have clicked Ok, go to the Most Popular section
  • You can scroll just a bit to see the Crackle logo
  • Click OK and select Add Channel to bookmark the channel to the My Channel selection of Roku’s menu
  • This way, it is easy to locate all your favorite channels in the future
  • Click on Go to channel and easily browse through Crackle to choose from a range of Featured Originals and other Watchlists

Crackle com Activate on Roku – Crackle Channel Review

Sony Crackle certainly has many newer videos than those you may find on similar sites. With over 100 full-length movies and full episodes from over 50 different TV series the channel some that were released as early as the 1960s all the way up to the present. Use the genre or the alphabetical list to locate any of your favorite videos. Check back as often as you want to see what they’ve been including in their free selection, in their just recently added videos section. Videos stay in the channel for a particular period of time and are then removed. It’s quite possible that a video could be gone the next before you can finish it if you were watching part of it on the previous day.

Video quality and the internet

Sony Crackle works best with a higher internet speed. Which means, you can easily adjust the quality of movies and TV shows that you wish to watch.

Captioning and subtitles

Customize the way subtitles appear for any video you’re watching, in Sony Crackle’s video player with the very handy closed captioning settings. Open the CC/SUB options and change the language, in the video player. Additionally, you can alter the foreground, background, and border color, adjust the font type and size, and finally even adjust the opacity of the text.

Sony’s Crackle channel comes with a range of convenient features. Perform the Crackle Com Activate Roku to avail of all the attributes. To know more about the Crackle on Roku call our experts at +1-866-991-0490 or browse go.roku.com/wireless.

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