Roku TV and Its Features

Roku TV is a smart TV. It comes with a Roku interface which can stream all the contents when you connect it to the internet. You can also watch live TV with antenna and also access all the gaming console and set-top boxes you have connected.

The Roku TV comes with a very simple to use remote. You can also use the Roku app that is available for all the smartphones to access all the contents. Additionally, you have attractive features like Pause Live TV, More ways to watch and a smart guide which makes streaming even more attractive.

Roku TV

Attractive features of Roku TV:

  • Picture quality is very good.
  • The TV has a very good contrast ratio with good black uniformity.
  • This will help in giving the best Dark scene performance.
  • The SDR peak brightness feature can help you avoid the glare you get from bright windows and lights around the TV.
  • The TV has around 72 contrast zones on the screen.
  • You can personalize the settings of your TV screen as well.
  • Adjust the brightness, Color, and contrast for your requirements.
  • Built-in speakers provide the best audio output quality for all the HDR videos.
  • The Roku TV also has an excellent motion handling with very fast response time.
  • The fast response time will aid in providing a very short trail of fast-moving objects.
  • Choose from around 500,000+ streaming contents which include movies, TV shows, live-news and a lot more.

Brands that offer Roku TV:

Roku TV works with many models of manufacturers. These TV manufacturers make Roku TV with different resolutions such as high definition (HD) to 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD), Different sizes and in varied price ranges.

1. TCL Roku TV:

TCL Roku TV offers you nonstop entertainment with the best picture quality you can imagine. The device also has a built-in operating system. The TCL Roku TV with the latest technology makes your viewing experience unforgettable. This also includes the ‘n’ number of streaming channels for any smart TV.

There are lots of features like 4K resolution, HDR, and many more attractive ones. Choosing an inexpensive TV means you have to compromise on the quality of the output. But TCL Roku TV is breaking the entire stereotype. 

2. Insignia Roku TV:

The Insignia Roku TV offers Very good color accuracy. They offer some solid upscaling performance with very good streaming options. The TV comes with Intuitive smart TV feature. The voice search option lets you search for the contents very easily.

There are 4 HDMI input ports built-in 802.11ac support for high-speed wireless performance.

They also have a headphone jack, Ethernet, audio inputs, video inputs and antenna/ cable input located on the sides of the TV.

3. Sharp Roku TV:

  • The intuitive interface lets you access all the contents that are streaming on the Roku devices.
  • Sharp Roku TV comes with 720p resolution for quality HD images and you can watch broadcast TV and DVDs in high definition.
  • Access the world of entertainment with a built-in Roku platform.
  • Stream from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, or chooses from thousands of other streaming channels.
  • Wireless Connectivity provides fast and reliable streaming with Wi-Fi.
  • They also have 3 HDMI inputs using which you can connect your home theater devices.

4. Hitachi Roku TV:

  • The first-ever Hitachi 4K UHD Roku TV features the Roku OS to get the best streaming experience.
  • You get access to more than 3,500 channels with numerous movies and TV shows.
  • Hitachi is a popular brand among users for making great TVs and with Roku, it will make your streaming experience even better.
  • Access all the 4K contents easily with stunning videos from Netflix, Amazon videos and from other streaming channels.

5. Philips Roku TV:

  • Philips Roku TV is a simple way to watch what you love.
  • It makes it easier to watch all that streaming in a simple way.
  • Stream all your favorite movies and TV shows with the Roku OS.
  • The OS provides the users with access to the entire media library of Roku.
  • Use the Philips Roku TV and watch all your favorite media contents streaming in 1080p resolution.

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