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Activate your Roku wireless device through go.roku.com/wireless

Accomplish Roku Wireless Setup without the remote. Roku’s remote can face some technical issues due to which it is rendered non-functional. You can still setup your wireless by using the mobile app. Roku’s app is compatible with all platforms.

  • First, go to the relevant app store and download it
  • Then press on ‘Remote’
  • In the meantime, connect the Roku to the TV
  • After your switch on your TV, just tune in to the correct HDMI input
  • You can now switch your Roku player on to follow instructions to setup the wireless

Easy Guide for Roku Wireless Setup

To complete your wireless setup, you have to first connect the HDMI cable to your Roku Player and TV. There are players that allow Ethernet connection too.

  • Switch on the TV and then connect the power adapter to the Roku player
  • To connect to the Wi-Fi you just have to press ‘Settings’ first
  • Then go to ‘Network’ and from here go to ‘Wireless (Wi-Fi)’ and then press ‘Setup new Wi-Fi Connection’
  • Here, choose your preferred name from the list

Types of Roku Devices

 Roku Premiere+ (go.roku.com/wireless)

  • It measures 124.5 x 124.5 x 21.6 mm in size.
  • It has options for both Ethernet cable and dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • You can view your private photos and videos using the Micro SD slot on the device.
  • Roku premiere+ is faster than Roku 1.
  • Night listening mode is available for this model.
  • Roku Premier+ is the one of the Roku top of the line models.
  • Private listening lets you enjoy the videos in then night listening mode.
  • Roku Premiere+ uses the RF technology making you to use remote by pointing it anywhere.
  • go.roku.com/wireless support

Roku Express+ (roku.com/link):

  • It measure 35.6 x 83.8 x 17.8mm and has a sleek design look.
  • Slim design makes it best suited for wall mount.
  • Roku Express+ is faster the older version, the Roku 1.
  • It is also backward compatible.
  • Roku Express+ used HDMI with Dolby pass for audio output.
  • The Remote uses basic IR blaster.
  • This makes you to point the remote directly in line of sight to the box.
  • You can also use the mobile apps of Android and iOS to control the box.
  • TV has an inbuilt tuner which also supports 4K streaming.
  • go.roku.com/wireless support for device

For activation you can visit or search search for https://my.roku.com/link in “google.com” or “bing.com

How to add channels – TV on goroku.com/wireless?

  • On your remote, select the HOME button
  • In the main screen select “Streaming channels” to select Channel Store.
  • Enter a keyword in the Search Channel panel to get results based on your search.
  • If it is a free channel, then select the “Add channel” option to install it on your Roku device.
  • If it is a paid channel, then select the “Buy” option to purchase and install the respective channel.
  • Provide your Roku account PIN in order to make any purchases.
  • Keep your payment information up to date.

How to add channels – online through go.roku.com/wireless?

  • Visit channelstore.roku.com
  • Sign into your Roku account and enter a keyword into the “Search Channel” textbox.
  • All channels related to your search will be listed.
  • Follow further instructions on the page to either add or purchase your favorite channel.

 How to add channels – mobile app in go.roku.com/wireless?

  • Install the Roku mobile app on your smart phone.
  • Open the app à select the CHANNELS icon
  • Select “Channel Store” from the menu and then “Add channel” to add or purchase channels.
  • Your Roku PIN will be needed in case of a new channel purchase.

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